Skull with Crown - Shea Butter is scented Dryad (pale green courtesy of spinach) and Goat Milk is scented with Rainforest $6.75 each

Skull with Roses is Shea Butter and scented with Dryad  $7.00 each 

Oats -n- Honey  Goat milk soap with toasted organic oats and organic honey.  A light touch of cinnamon oil adds to the warm aroma.  The oats and soothing, the honey & cinnamon are anti-bacterial.  Wonderful soap for those with sensitive skin           $5.50 each

Sage & Lemongrass

Creamy Lavender - Shea Butter Soap with organic olive oil. Colored with alkanet root, indigo powder and madder root.  Scented with lavender essential oil.  $5.50 each

Apricot Freesia scented Goat Milk Soap with organic olive oil, annatto seed, carrot, beet root and paprika powder for colors and vitamins                       $5.50 each

Pumice Bar - Super Exfoliating Shea Butter Soap with Pumice throughout and one side fully loaded to get rid of those nasty calluses.  With organic olive oil, pure castor, organic bees wax and pumice with a fresh lemon scent.  $5.50 each

Shea Butter Skull with Crown in Dryad

Goat Milk Skull with Crown in Rainforest

Sol y Luna Moisture Serum

This serum contains Sweet Almond, Hazelnut and Sweet Orange oils mixed in a perfect blend to add incredible moisture to your skin.  It penetrades quickly,  without leaving you feeling greasy.   Sweet Orange oil is said to minimize fine lines and gives this serum a light citrus scent. 

Incredible for after sun exposure as well.  

$15.00 for a 4 oz. bottle

Shaving soap refill pack (3 discs) $8.00

Shea Butter Skulls on a Rope - 4 scented in Rainforest, 1 Sage & Lemongrass, 3  in 4-17 soap (two-toned shea with glycerine scented in Blue Nile)  $7.00 each


'Shea Butter Skulls - Over six ounces of soap in these fun pieces.  As you use them, they turn into little alien faces.  I currently have 4 scented in Dryad (light green courtesy of spinach), 1 scented in Rainforest and 1 in a Rogue Soap with a sea kelp exfoliant.    $6.75 each

Shea Butter Skull with Roses in Dryad


Goat Milk Shaving Soap Kit

Upcycled crock full of goat milk shaving soap with organic aloe and oils with shaving brush.  Calling this scent "Aged Cask"


Orange Cream - Goat milk soap with organic coconut oil and colored with turmeric, tomato and madder root.  Scented with essential and fragrance oils to bring to mind orange creamsicles.                  $5.50 each



Classic Dragon's Breath - Goat Milk Soap scented with my own blend of essential and fragrance oils  (heavily scented).  Organic coconut oil for extra moisture, colored with anti-inflammatory turmeric.               $5.50 each

​Pumpkin Pie - Goat Milk soap - Smells so good it's going to leave you hungry.  Organic Olive oil added for  moisture, colors from Carrot, Turmeric, black walnut & paprika .                             $5.50 each

Sandalwood Swirl -  Goat Milk soap colored with black walnut powder.  Organic olive oil adds moisture.  Scented with a rich sandalwood fragrance oil.  $5.50 each

4-17 Shea Butter & Glycerine Soap with organic coconut oil for moisture, colored with indigo powder and scented with sultry Blue Nile oil.                                        $5.50 each


Rogue Soap - Shea butter soap with sea kelp exfoliant.  Organic olive oil added for moisture and scented in a rustic Bay Rum.  $5.50 each

Shea Butter Soap with Activated Charcoal to help purge your skin of impurities.   Organic olive oil added in for extra moisture.  Scented with Nag Champa.    $5.50 each


Lemon Rosemary - Shea Butter soap with organic olive oil for moisture.  The color comes from dried Rosemary and we added some lemongrass essential oil for scent.   $5.50 each

Dragon's Breath Light - Shea Butter and Glycerine soap.  Lightly scented with my own blend of essential and fragrance oils.  Organic coconut oil for extra moisture and colored with anti-inflammatory turmeric          $5.50 each