Spiced Pumpkin Swirl.  Detergent-free soap: Contains organic, homegrown aloe, organic olive oil , pure castor oil.  Color comes from paprika and carrot root powder.  Scented with a delicious spiced pumpkin fragrance oil.

​$5.50 each Available in Goat Milk or Shea Butter

Awaken - Scented with a lovely blend of  eucalyptus and mint essential oils and colored with indigo and spinach powders.

Available in  Goat Milk                $5.50 each

Goat Milk                                                        Shea Butter

​Sol y Luna Restorative Moisturizing Serum

Made with Sweet Almond, Hazelnut and Sweet Orange oils.  No alcohol to dry your skin, no chemicals.  The sweet orange oil has been used for centuries in skin products and is thought to reduce fine lines and help heal sun damage.    $15.00 for a 4 oz. bottle

Goat Milk Soap Scented with Apricot Freesia - Pure organic aloe, organic olive oil, pure castor oil. Colored by alkanet root, annatto seed & paprika powder                                       $5.50 each

Goat Milk.

Activated Charcoal - Shea Butter Soap colored with Activated Charcoal and Scented with Patchouli essential oil.  As always, homegrown organic aloe and organic oils for moisture.  $5.50 each.


Skulls on a Rope

This batch are shea butter and scented with Dragon's Breath.   Approximately 6 oz of soap, that as it shrinks starts looking like an alien head.

$6.50 ea.

Ceramic Crock Shaving Set $15.00

Shaving Gift Sets are made with upcycled containers. When I find things that will work, I pick them up.  When I sell out, that's it.  At the moment, I have 4 ceramic crocks; and 6 stiff pewter.  Each comes with wooden handled brush and 3 shaving discs (approx. 1 oz ea.)  This batch is shea butter and scented with Bay Rum fragrance oil.

Sage & Lemongrass - Shea Butter Soap loaded with homegrown organic aloe and organic sage and lemongrass, all grown here at the garden.  Organic oils for moisture and a touch of lemongrass essential oil for added aroma       $5.50 each

Shea Butter - Coffee Scrub Bar. Light exfoliating with pure coffee oil, coffee, organic olive oil, castor oil and colored with black walnut powder.   $5.50 each.


Spirulina Swirl  - Goat Milk or Shea Butter  Soap colored with Spirulina Powder and Scented with a light Ocean Rain, loaded with organic aloe, organic coconut oil for moisture and a touch of pure castor oil      $5.50 each

Dragon Eyes  

Natural Colors are layred into the soap by hand. 

No two are exactly alike.  

Orange - Scented in Spiced Pumpkin and colored with paprika and carrott powder.

Green - Scented in Driftwood Breeze and colored with Spinach

Pink - Scented in Plumeria and colored with madder root.           $7.50 each

Lavender Bud - Shea Butter Soap with organic lavender bud and lavender essential oil.  Lightly tinted with alkanet root.    Organic aloe and organic oils for added moisture.         $5.50 each

Shea Butter.

Stiff Pewter Shaving Set $15.00

We are currently on vacation. 

We will return March 20, 2019

Please stop back then.  Thank you.